Secure and Sustainable Computer and Electronics Recycling

Secure ITAD Services

Origin Storage offers secure ITAD (IT Asset Disposal) Services, providing customers with a way to safely dispose of their redundant IT and electrical equipment (including but not limited to Servers, PCs, Laptops, Tablets and Desk Phones). Our ITAD services allow customers to feel confident that their equipment will be safely disposed of while ensuring data protection, minimal environmental impact and full compliance to government legislation and guidelines.

We Are Fully Accredited

Asset Tracking

Once your assets have arrived into our secure processing facility we will log all items, by serial number where possible, on to our tracking system. Any data bearing devices are segregated, logged and securely processed and certificates of data erasure or destruction will be made available.

Asset Processing

Once items are booked onto our system, they are processed to safely test/check and make-good any assets that still retain any market value. Our goal is to re-purpose as much as possible to increase product life-cycle and minimise waste.

Disposal & Remarketing

When assets have been processed they are either ready to be remarketed and sold, where we can potentially provide a revenue-share, or if they are beyond repair they are stripped to raw materials whereby they are processed accordingly through our AATF facility which is stringently regulated by the Environment Agency.

Secure Data Erasure

Origin’s Data Erasure solution offers customers 100% peace of mind when needing their corporate or personal Data 100% erased from their device. Origin uses the extremely powerful and multi-certified erasure platform from Blancco as its core. This solution is Common Criteria (ISO 15408) and Asset Disposal & Information Security Alliance (ADISA) Certified ensuring your Data is in safe hands. Blancco holds approvals from multiple armed forces across Europe and meets various military guidelines, details of which you can find via the links below.

You can be certain that any media sent to Origin is handled with the utmost security and as standard we certify your media’s erasure, providing a certificate per device you want erased.

For any erasure needs, please reach out to one of our team who would be happy to assist.

On-Site Shredding

We destroy your hard drives on your premises to ensure there is no risk of the drives leaving your building before it has been destroyed in compliance with Government and Military guidelines.

The shredders are wheeled directly into your data centre, and shred your entire hard drive into small pieces using industrial grade destruction equipment. The hard drive shredding process completely destroys the drive platters, mechanisms, and the electronic components rendering the data unrecoverable.

Our Security Cleared shredding team will record all serial numbers and provide you with a full certificate of destruction once the shredding is complete before leaving site.

Secure Transportation

Origin Storage use a fleet of unmarked vans, that are GPS tracked. Collection staff are Security Cleared, to ensure we can work under the strictest of legislation & guidelines.

Once the team has been signed-in on-site we work closely with the client to check and record every asset by serial number. When we have cross-checked our list with that of the client, we can seal the shipment ready for transportation to our secure processing plant.