Origin Storage Anti-Glare screen protector for iPad Air/Ipad Pro 9.7


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  • Anti-Air Bubble Silicone
  • Anti-glare minimizes disturbing reflections
  • Smooth touch coating
  • Dirt repellent, stains, fingerprints are easy to remove
  • Touchscreen ready / compliant
  • Japanese Pixel technology, minimized pixel/dots


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A Security Filter from Origin Storage helps provide protection against shoulder surfers and visual hackers viewing your confidential and sensitive information on your computer screen. With a Security Filter from Origin the intended users view of the screen remains crystal clear whilst people viewing the screen from the sides see only a dark screen, almost as if the screen is turned off, preventing them seeing your information. Designed to be easy to fit the Origin Storage Security Filter is quick and simple to attach to your screen. With the Plug-in version fitted you can remove and reattach just as easily for those times when you need to share your screen with other people. If it’s something permanent that you need then opt for our fully adhesive variant.